Introducing Courier Notices for WordPress

Introducing Courier

Proudly introducing Courier Notices For WordPress

The easiest frontend notification system for WordPress.

Our team at Linchpin has been utilizing Courier Notices for many of our own clients’ WordPress projects for years. This provided an easy way for our clients to self-manage how they communicate with their visitors beyond page content and homepage banners. Technically the Courier Notices plugin has been available on GitHub (and before that BitBucket) for years, but we never really put in the polishing needed for a general release.

A month ago we released the very first version of the plugin on Quietly over the last few months, we have compiled many of the features of each of those iterations into one comprehensive release that we hope is a foundation for more features over time.

While Courier Notices has been available on for a few months, we consider v1.3.0 our true initial release.

With that being said…

Easily display timely messages to all website visitors through a banner or pop-up modal.

Courier Notices is Linchpin’s latest open source WordPress plugin that allows site and store owners to customize and display global front-end notification banners. The plugin adds a new Courier Notices post type where notices can be created, styled, and scheduled.

Download & Install Courier Notices

Notices have the following options available:

  • Scheduling
    Automate the publishing process by setting when a notice will be published and expire.
    Scheduling a Courier post through the admin
  • Dismissible and Non Dismissible Notices
    There are times when some notifications need to always be present. Maybe it’s an “out of stock” message, or COVID-19 update. Other times you want to provide your visitors with the ability to click to dismiss or acknowledged your notices.
  • Notice Types and Styles
    By default, Courier Notices includes commonly used styles of notices such as informational “Banners” and “Modals”. Informational banners also have various types, such as Success, Alert, Warning, and more. You can also edit any existing type or create your own, with the ability to customize colors and icons!
  • Style Customization
    Easily define the background, text color, and icon of each notice type, as well as reference your own icon fonts, to match your brand styles.
  • Placement
    Not all notices have to be front and center. Sometimes you need to place a notifications at the top of your website, fixed at the bottom of the screen, or presented as a pop up modal. But that’s not all using traditional Shortcodes or even our new Courier Notice Block to display your Notices anyway you’d like. For advanced users, you can also use any common CSS selector similar to how you target elements in vanilla javascript or jQuery.

Our goal for every plugin we create is that it’s simple, user-friendly, and matches the overall flow of the WordPress admin.

Even more features when you upgrade to Pro

For the first time, Linchpin is also offering a Pro version of Courier Notices that adds many useful features to the free edition.

  • Advanced Visibility Options
    From the most basic rules to the super complex, Courier Pro has you covered. Show or hide notices for individual pages, posts, users, custom post types, taxonomies, and more. Combine those rules into even more robust conditional logic. Want to show a notice for only logged-in users while they are on your WooCommerce checkout page? Go for it!
  • More Included Notice “Styles”
    GDPR cookie compliance including hooks for Google Tag Manager *coming very very soon
  • Integrate with Gravity Forms
    Utilize Courier Notices for Gravity Forms Confirmation messages. Please note that the Gravity Forms plugin and valid license are required and are not directly associated with Courier Notices.
  • Premier Support
  • New features being added regularly

Courier Pro can be purchased over on In order to enable a Courier Pro license, you must also have the base Courier Notices WordPress plugin installed.

Upgrading to Courier Pro provides additional features and premier support.

What’s Next?

We have a few enhancements in the pipeline that will expand notice flexibility including prioritization options, custom reordering, and a fixed notice option for more placements. We’ve also started using Courier for GPDR compliance on some of our sites and are looking at what features can be included to make this easy out-of-the-box.

We’re always looking for feature ideas and feedback, so give Courier a try and let us know what you think over on Github!

Download & Install Courier Notices

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