Site Launch: – A High-Performant, Immersive Experience

Site Launch -

Background & Overview

Evolved By Nature is a health bio-tech company based out of Greater Boston that uses harvested molecules from all-natural, renewable resources, to create products ranging from textiles, skin-care, and medical use. Utilizing their Activated Silk™ technology, they created a green chemistry platform that is versatile for almost any industry, and good for the planet.

We teamed up with the Evolved By Nature team to bring their engaging, highly immersive homepage to life.


Goals, Strategy & Implementation

Creating such an immersive experience pushed our team to learn new tools and efficiencies for a successful, performant result. Utilizing GreenSock, a highly flexible Javascript animation library, we worked with Evolved By Nature to design a fully responsive, dynamic homepage presence utilizing seamless transitions, beautiful SVG animations, and on-scroll motion to elevate their story-telling experience. Embedded videos from Vimeo, which were also controlled by Greensock, played upon detecting the user’s scroll position.


Evolved By Nature Site Launch Blog Post

Chris Santoro

Before coming to Linchpin, Chris was a career-long freelance designer and studio owner specializing in brand strategy & identity design. This focus throughout his career allowed him to view each project from a holistic perspective, while working with his clients to fully realize their true “authentic” brand. Now, as the senior designer for Linchpin, he’s able to bring his background into strategizing & crafting visually-immersive web experiences for each client. Constantly living by the notion that a designer’s life is one of “constant learning,” he also finds time to be a guest reviewer at his alma mater’s portfolio reviews and mentors young designers, while diving into every tutorial possible on YouTube. If not at his screen, you’ll most likely find him face-first in a bowl of ramen at Ganko Ittetsu, or drinking his 5th espresso of the day…or 6th…possibly 7th.