Mesh – Page Builder – 1.1.6 Released

Mesh Page Builder for WordPress

Mesh Ver. 1.1.6

This release of Mesh Page Builder brings a bevy of bug fixes and enhancements to our overall process for contributions and releases in the future.

Thanks for @desrosj (Jonathan Desrosiers) for his continued involvement in Mesh and helping to more clearly define Contributing.MD along with the automated build process within

Thanks to Eric Beltram for his great work on the updated Mesh Logo and as usual thanks to the entire Linchpin team for their time and effort in this release.

Release Notes

  • Introduce a `` file.
  • Add a `.travis.yml` file to automate our unit tests.
  • Update unit test install scripts.
  • Setup Code Climate and Code Climate test coverage reporting.
  • Include in Grunt build
  • Fix PHP warnings when retrieving `mesh_post_types` when it is not yet set.
  • Changed `esc_attr_e()` and `esc_html_()` calls to `echo esc_attr()` and `echo esc_html()` when containing a variable.
  • Remove `makepot` task from the Grunt configuration.
  • Add `addtextdomain` task to the Grunt configuration.
  • Remove `languages` folder.
  • Add `JSON` files to Code Climate grading.
  • Exclude the `Michelf` library from Code Climate scanning.
  • Add `node_modules` folder to the `.gitignore`.
  • Fixed undefined index `foundation_version`.

You can always download Mesh on or if you want you can checkout the project and get involved on


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