Site Launch: OneDigital


We are proud to announce the launch of one of our latest projects,! A leader in the digital insurance space, OneDigital’s website celebrates the former Digital Insurance and Digital Benefit Advisors merger and rebrand through original imagery, compelling video, and a streamlined design.

A Little Background on OneDigital

The company was founded in 2000, with a single goal in mind – “to simplify the insurance industry.” We met the OneDigital folks as they were embarking on a merger and a rebrand, so with this in mind, we assembled the team and jumped into our discovery phase with the intent to execute a redesign to fit the vibe for two merging companies.

Goals, Strategy & Implementation

With an overarching goal of being recognized as a market leader in the employee benefits industry, OneDigital needed to become a destination for visitors to not only find the answers they are looking for, but to also alleviate their anxiety around understanding benefits and compliancy. To emphasize OneDigital’s thought leadership, and tout their expertise in the field, Linchpin established an in-site search strategy to deliver relevant content based on the user’s location. With the ability to set your preferred OneDigital location to revisit time after time, users will begin to form relationships with local advisors, while also be presented with news and updates relevant to them, allowing the site to become a go-to hub for all things insurance.

Built on top of WordPress, the OneDigital team can easily manage, create and update their own content. We implemented streamlined, intuitive ways to add new locations and team members, update page content using our plugin Mesh and optimize lead forms with Eloqua integration. Empowering our clients to own and manage their content is something we strongly believe in here at Linchpin, and something the OneDigital team successfully embraced as they continue to update their website everyday.


Stay tuned for a detailed case study to learn more about the OneDigital project!

Mary Beth Amaral

With a keen eye for detail, Mary Beth dreams of a pixel perfect world. After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History, Mary Beth’s love of learning sent her back to her alma mater where she further explored her passion for information architecture and user experience, earning a degree in Web & Interactive Design.

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