Carousel Industries

Carousel Industries Refaces Their Digital Presence

For over 25 years, Carousel Industries has been a leader in IT services, driving innovation through integrated solutions across a wide range of technologies and services. In conjunction with several acquisitions, Carousel Industries was ready to reface their digital presence, focusing on lead generation and demand generation strategies to bring awareness to their key business differentiators.

Challenges & Goals

  • Unclear communication of services and solutions provided.
  • Lack of brand awareness and key differentiators within the IT services industry.
  • Extensive list of solutions and services that are difficult to digest and navigate through.
  • Need clear calls to action that make it easy for the user to find informative, relevant information, and contact a representative./li>
  • Merging of content from multiple brands.

Content Strategy

One of the primary objectives of this project was to define a content strategy that would account for content from multiple entities coming together under one cohesive brand.

A thorough content audit and analysis of all pages across all brands allowed us to see where there was overlap, where there was a need for new content, and where content could be omitted. This process provided insight into the overarching architecture of the site, informing our decisions on how to best organize information on the new website.

Additionally, we worked closely with the Carousel team to provide direction on how to best simplify their content, and bring it to life through photography, graphics/iconography, and subtle in-view/scrolling animations.

Restructured Information Architecture

With an extensive list of offerings, it was imperative that solutions, services and industries are all easily accessible through the main navigation. Presenting the user with a clear, direct path that will lead them to more information about a specific offering helps to get users to their destination faster.

Maintaining a consistent navigational experience across devices allows for familiarity, while making informed adjustments supports best responsive practices. Although the site houses an extensive amount of content, the intuitive experience presents information in an organized way that prevents a user from becoming overwhelmed.

In-Site Search Strategy

Knowing the website would now represent several previous entities (and an abundance of merged content), incorporating an emphasized search was critical. Not only is the search visually prominent in the header as part of the main navigation, but it also presents results in an organized manner.Breaking search results up into buckets or categories of content and displaying them as a tabbed interface helps a user to easily narrow down information and quickly find their destination. Additionally, displaying all search results in order of relevancy assures that the most relevant results will display first.

Easily Accessible, Relevant Resources

Providing the user with relevant resources every step of the way guaranteed to not only support the lead generation strategy, but to also provide valuable case studies, white papers, data sheets and more to reinforce Carousel Industries’ position as an expert in the field.

WordPress Site Management & Integrations

With detailed landing pages for each offering, determining an efficient solution for the Carousel Industries team to easily manage content was a must. Building the site on top of WordPress, in conjunction with our page builder plugin Mesh, made this simple — Carousel Industries’ internal team is able to add, update and edit content as needed without any back end support.

Additionally, HubSpot and Salesfusion integrations allow for optimized lead forms, while custom Vimeo video implementation showcases the company’s culture and expertise.

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