ION Audio Case Study

ION Audio: Powerful Sound, Wherever You Go

As the worldwide leader in advanced technology, ION Audio brings consumers innovative solutions to unique electronics. With a brand mission to create fun, easy-to-use, problem-solving products, ION was looking to bring an intuitive experience to their digital presence through a new ecommerce interface.

ION Video Homepage

Challenges & Goals

  • Build an ecommerce storefront that supports various product categories, available online, in store and at third party dealers.
  • Products and their coordinating documents and downloads should be easily discoverable and accessible.
  • Incorporate the culture and vibe behind ION’s product line.
  • As one of many inMusic brands, the redesigned site needs to better depict inMusic as the parent brand

Moving to an Ecommerce Storefront

Prior to the website relaunch, ION Audio’s digital presence was just that – a way to showcase their product online, with a list of third party dealers who sold the product either in-store or online. Finding specific products was difficult and cumbersome, and purchasing products, coordinating accessories, and downloads was even more of a feat. ION’s revitalized digital presence needed to transition to a true ecommerce platform where customers could purchase products directly from the manufacturer.

ION Magento Enterprise Edition CMS

Magento Heading

Transitioning to a true ecommerce platform, the ION team need to refocus their online strategy with transactions in mind. Enter Magento Enterprise Edition – Providing our clients with the technology, support and expansive 3rd party ecosystem to build unique brand-focused ecommerce experiences, Magento EE was the ideal platform to build the inMusic house of brands on, including the ION Audio ecommerce site.

A complete overhaul of the website incorporates an ecommerce storefront that highlights the culture and vibe behind the brand through lifestyle imagery, while bringing ecommerce to the forefront with features like product up sells and cross sells, promoted products, and easy customer account management. ION’s custom features and integrations puts the focus on user’s shopping experience.

Bringing the Product to Life

With product backed by advanced technology and features, it was important that the website bring ION’s powerful products to life. Customized, elaborate product landing pages not only provide the user with technical specs and product documentation, but also feature detailed imagery with parallax scrolling for an immersive experience.

Magento’s flexibility provides the ION team with the ability to customize product detail pages as needed, while also easily managing product data, downloads, documents and features.

The product line’s unique features (iPX rated, bluetooth enabled, wireless/battery powered, high speaker wattage, and more) are what set ION apart from the competition. Visually called out in a grid of Key Features for users to easily scan through, these attributes are developed as reusable blocks making it easy for site merchandisers to assign product features to specific products.

ION Product Details

Multi-Store Set Up

As part of a multi-store setup, we approached the ION Audio project knowing we would use this site as a base to build successive inMusic branded storefronts on top of the work we’ve already accomplished. Customizing a prebuilt theme allowed us to create a visually appealing consumer shopping experience backed by a powerful product management system. We’re able to maintain a consistent structure across what will eventually be all inMusic brands, with customization per brand, to give each a unique look and feel tailored to their demographic, culture and vibe. Carrying over custom functionality and features not only helped build a consistent, unified experience, but also proved to be a cost effective way to structure the inMusic house of brands.


inMusic Brands

SAP Integration

Working alongside system admins, we developed a custom Magento Module that integrates Enterprise SAP to facilitate orders, invoices, shipping, and RMA between each system, allowing for a seamless and automated interaction between Magento and the client’s distribution channels.

SAP Integration

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