Introducing Courier Notices for WordPress

Introducing Courier

Proudly introducing Courier Notices For WordPress The easiest frontend notification system for WordPress. Our team at Linchpin has been utilizing Courier Notices for many of our own clients’ WordPress projects for years. This provided an easy way for our clients to self-manage how they communicate with their visitors beyond page content and homepage banners. Technically the Courier Notices plugin has been available on GitHub (and before that BitBucket) for years,[…]

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Responsive Page Tester; I Hardly Knew Ye

Today we released an update to our Responsive Page Tester for WordPress. Sadly, this update will be the last that we make to this plugin. When we initially launched the plugin on March 5, 2013, we were trying to create a way to preview a site in multiple orientations right within WordPress. It worked great, and was a plugin that we installed on every client’s website to aid them in creating great content on screens of all sizes.

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