Vertica Case Study

Welcome to the new Vertica

As a big-data analytics platform that helps customers monetize their data on a massive scale, Vertica was looking for an efficient way to manage customers, documentation and downloads, in conjunction with merging their marketing site with the user portal for a cohesive brand experience.

Vertica homepage

Challenges & Goals

  • Arduous registration process make it difficult to capture new registrants easily on the website.
  • Confusing permissions and varied portal views depending on membership make for an uncomfortable experience.
  • No clear path to software downloads or supporting documentation, and an unproficient search strategy make it difficult for users to find what they are looking for.
  • Need a way to keep information on the website up to date, including promotional events and user-specific notifications.
  • Bridge the gap between the marketing digital presence and the customer interface.

Streamlined User Flows

With several membership levels and varied user permissions per level, it was critical to map out each persona’s journey to assure a seamless experience. From establishing each user’s entry point, to logging in existing or returning users and registering new users, displaying appropriate information per user, and funneling users to their desired download, documentation or resource.

Vertica wireframes

User Experience

Knowing the customer’s pain points, the wireframing process focused on creating a streamlined interface that would bring ease of use and clear direction to the end user, regardless of their customer status.

Revamping the structure of the site with a user-portal approach and gridded layout not only gave the user more comfort in navigating their account, but also reflected a refined site architecture that supported the overarching goals of the site.

Scripted user testing and recordings allowed us to visualize results early on, informing the experience and design.

Look & Feel

Defining a visual strategy that falls inline with the Micro Focus corporate branding.

Vertica Dashboard

The user interface design reinforced the corporate brand standards with a clean, simplistic aesthetic that presented information in an organized manner.

Clear call to actions, visual patterns and consistency throughout allowed for ease of use and navigability. Targeted promotional banners and widgets provided visual appeal and aided in the user’s transition to a newly branded site. Maintaining a consistent look and feel across the site regardless of customer status visually brings the marketing site and user portal under one umbrella.

Vertica Responsive Interface

Enhanced WordPress CMS

The reconfigured backend infrastructure provides the Vertica team with the flexibility to self manage and easily release new versions of their software while keeping their users in the know.

Vertica Interface

With a thorough examination of both the user journey and system administrators, we were able to successfully overhaul the download and documentation process. With a streamlined workflow, administrators can easily manage and create new downloads and documentation using shortcodes to assure website styles are maintained. Added functionality provided the ability to feature specific downloads and create hot fixes on the fly.

With enhanced user management, admins can easily update a user’s status, granting them permission and access to specific software. Promotional banners and widgets on a subscription basis can also be assigned to target subscribers and generate more leads.

Linchpin’s page builder, Mesh, makes it quick and easy for the Vertica marketing team to spin up new landing pages or promotions.

Courier Delivers

By implementing Linchpin’s user notification plugin, Courier, administrators can send personal, user segmented, or global system notifications about account activity or new offerings.

This not only provided an easy customer communication method, but also kept users informed and helped direct them to desired areas.

Vertica Courier Notices



Post-Live Stats

  • Customer registration doubled compared to the previous year’s metrics
  • Average of 3.5x the amount of downloads per month compared to the previous year, with spikes up to 10x
  • Increase in lead conversion for all 3 KPIs specific to Vertica (Community, Evaluation, and Customers) Users
  • Ability to self manage and update content as needed relieved site managers and streamlined internal processes

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