Tips, Tricks & Tools: We ❤️ InVision (and our clients do too!)

InVision is an incredible prototyping tool that we have been utilizing for quite some time. The web application allows us to share wireframes, designs or high-fidelity prototypes to better demonstrate the functionality behind the design not only to our internal team, but also with clients. InVision’s many features make it easy to present our work in a way that reinforces our collaborative process.



Anyone can create a free account with InVision. Once you create a free account, you can be added as a collaborator to any project, allowing you to be fully immersed in the design process with approval capabilities and automated notifications when screens are updated. This feature is a great opportunity to get clients involved in the process early on.



As a collaborator, you have the ability to comment on projects or specific prototyping screens to provide feedback. Even better, the comment feature is highly customizable to give you full control in your responses. It allows you to sketch directly on the screen to visually reinforce your feedback.



Build Mode

screen-buildmode-hotspotUse the Build Mode feature to create navigational hotspots that direct the prototype to function responsively as it is intended to. You can also set the amount of time you want to spend on each screen before it transitions to the next, and create mobile or tablet page animations.



Liveshare is a conferencing tool built right in to the InVision app that gives teams the opportunity to collaborate in real-time on a project. Use all the same features such as sketch and hotspots with the added benefit of having your team on the call to explain the prototype design. And…it’s toll-free!




And now one of our favorite features yet – As a collaborator, you can update the status of a screen from On Hold, In Progress, Needs Review, and Approved via the project’s Workflow. This not only helps speed up the approval process, but also gives clients more authority, encouraging them to communicate any final feedback before approving a screen.

By giving collaborators the ability to approve screens, team members can get feedback faster and make updates to screens quicker than they would if they needed to schedule a conference call or wait for an e-mail response. Easier communication means more productivity! Learn more about InVision’s Workflow feature, and stay tuned for how to educate clients on the InVision interface.


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Mary Beth Amaral

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